Vidalia Onion Substitute

Vidalia Onions (pronounced vi-dal-ia) are a member of the Allium vegetable family. They are a type of sweet onion native to Georgia, USA. If you require a Vidalia onion substitute, check out some of these excellent alternatives for any situation.

What Are Vidalia Onions?

Vidalia Onions are a type of sweet onion from the United States. Native to the State of Georgia, they are grown in shallow, nutrient-rich soil that gives them their distinctive rich, sweet flavor.

The onions themselves are large wide bulbs with brown skins, which means they also look similar to a lot of other onion varieties and other types of sweet onion.

When used raw, these onions are good for sandwiches, burgers, and other recipes where they are used as a garnish or topping. Cooked Vidalia onions are best used for grilling in kabobs, baked onions, and recipes that require you to sauté onions.

Substitutes for Vidalia Onions

Read on to find out some of the best substitutions for the Vidalia onion in any dish or recipe below.

SubstituteTasteGood For
Cipollini OnionMild, SweetSoups, Stews, Sauces
Brown OnionSweet, SavorySalads, Garnishes, Sauces, Stews
White OnionIntense, SweetSalads, Pies, Quiches, Sauces

1. Cipollini Onions

Many cooks point to shallots as an ideal alternative to Vidalia onions. However, cipollini onions are the better option when looking for a 1:1 replacement.

These small and shallow-looking onions have wide bulbs and are notably sweeter than shallots. They are not quite as distinctively sweet as a Vidalia onion but have a similar flavor profile.

When substituted for Vidalia onions, you can use cipollini onions in stews, sauces, and other slow-cooked dishes where you want aromatic flavors without having the onion overpower the entire dish.

2. Brown Onions

There are many types of brown onion, and like the Vidalia onion, most of them are sweet varieties. Usually marketed as brown onions, it is possible that you might be picking up something like the walla walla onion, which is one of the best sweet onion alternatives to the Vidalia.

It is because of the way these onions are sold that it’s not always possible to know precisely what type of brown onion you are getting. However, they will all work as excellent substitutes in the right situation.

With similar textures, flavors, and water contents, they’ll not affect the outcome of the dish too much. However, not all of them will have the fragrant, aromatic, and sweet tones that the Vidalia onion gives.

You can use any brown onion as a substitute for Vidalia onions in 1:1 ratios for salads, pies, sauces, or anything else you need.

3. White Onions

White Onions have a strong and intense onion flavor, and they’re not known to be a sweet onion. However, they do make a good substitute in certain situations.

One of the most widely available onions in the store, you can always use these instead of Vidalia onions in salads, garnishes, and other toppings. You can also use them in pies, quiches, and other oven-cooked dishes. They also work for stews, soups, etc.

So the white onion makes it onto the list for versatility and how it is widely available.

You can use it as a 1:1 ratio substitute using one white onion for every Vidalia onion that you would use.


No matter the situation, there is always a Vidalia onion substitute available. Whether you want another sweet onion or some other type of onion to work as a replacement, you can find the right substitution with one of the options above.

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